Forced to stay at home, some workers take the opportunity to update their knowledge.

Opposite, the offer adapts to the situation: a few providers offer free access to a selection of content. LinkedIn Learning thus provides its module on teleworking.

Schools are recording an increase of up to 500% on applications for certification courses.

"We have adapted all our training courses so that they are accessible online" says Thibault Viguier, founder of the French School.

100% digital offers

Faced with the unprecedented situation in the country, the Cegos group quickly deployed a "Full Digital" offer. Lasting two days, it covers a wide variety of areas: management, change support, recruitment, personal development, sales and negotiations ...

The same trend at Demos, where certain online training courses are particularly popular such as "Telework management", "The art of delegating and empowering employees" or even modules related to the development of a project. .

Designed for an audience of HR professionals, the courses "Succeed in reframing interviews", "Adhere to change and support your teams", "Present and develop a training budget" bring together many learners. Training related to personal development is also very popular in the current context.

On the other hand, certain disciplines such as office automation or IT are lagging behind because they are complex to teach at a distance.

Stay professional ...

Several doubts must be cleared up in order to appreciate the benefits of distance training.

"It is about getting rid of the prejudices that suggest that distance learning has less educational value than face-to-face training. The educational quality here is ensured by technology ”assures Daï Shen.

While it is true that online training loses physical contact with other participants, there is nothing to prevent them from conversing with them during training and exchanging contact details. And while distance learning doesn't always encourage showing off physically, it's essential not to give in to slacking off.

Prioritize certification courses

Finally, "for training to bring real added value, there are rules to be observed" recalls Daï Shen.

For example, it is advisable to give preference to modules or certification courses offered in the medium and long term, and to reserve short training courses for modules relating to soft skills.

"Equally important: to reserve a workspace at home, however small, so that you can be isolated during your learning period. Then, focus on sequenced training, at a rate of 2 or 3 hours per week in order to be able to decompress. The attention on screen is less than face-to-face, ”concludes the CEO of Demos.

Source: FOCUS RH